Top 5 Dog Breeds who deliver the cutest puppies on earth!

All puppies are cute, but some breeds have that extra little things which makes them irresistible. For this reason, some of these breeds are popular in blogs, greeting cards or other commercials  materials.

#1 – Pomeranian
POMERANIAN-pupsAs a puppy, this breed looks like a little teddy bear. Their fluffy coat, tiny ears, and round eyes make it impossible to not want to pick them up and cuddle them.


#2 – English Bulldog
There is something about these wrinkly, tubby, squat puppies that just make humans melt. Bulldog puppies literally make people stop in their tracks starring at them.

#3 – Golden Retriever
There is something about a Golden retriever puppy that makes everyone smile. They are used in a lot of commercials, and it’s no secret why—they are simply irresistible.

#4 –  Corgi
With their short little legs and ears that are bigger than their body, corgi puppies are absolutely adorable. Puppy lovers will  fall in love immediately with them.


#5 – Pug
lRDcGnoWhile their looks are slightly unconventional, you can’t help but smile when you see a pug pup. They melt your heart with their bug-eyes, smooched face and curly tail.


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  1. Thanks for my dose of cuteness for the day!


    1. You’re most welcome. cuteness is everywhere, I am happy to share it with those who love puppies same as me 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. colinandray says:

    … but I think it should be mentioned that every cute puppy grows into a bigger version, and will develop fairly predictable breed characteristics. So many “cute puppies” end up as strays; ignored; sold on the internet, or otherwise disposed of simply because they lost their “cute puppy” appeal.

    Perhaps it should be stressed that all potential “cute puppy” buyers research the breed first; compare the breed traits against their own lifestyle and living arrangements… and then decide whether it is a good idea or not.

    Finally, and I really cannot believe that it is necessary to stress this (but it is) – Puppies do not get delivered ready trained in toilet habits; in home manners; in respecting a human’s property. They, like children, require a lot of time and patience to teach them social skills. They need boundaries, and they need lots of TLC. Sadly, so many “cute puppies” lose their appeal and become a nuisance factor, as testified by the many rescue organizations/humane societies who end up with them.


  3. Lili says:

    Omg these are so adorable! I love all puppies and could just bring them all home with me!


    1. Thanks, Glad that you like it. puppy is my favorite pets, I have 3 in my house


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